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Where can foreign people residing in Turkey provide education for their children?

Where can foreign people residing in Turkey provide education for their children?

Foreign people residing in Turkey can register their children at either state or private schools providing education under the supervision of the Ministry of National Education (MEB). Likewise, primarily in Istanbul, there are several international schools serving exclusively for internationalstudents.

In accordance with the Private Education Institutes Law no. 5580, only international studentsare accepted into those schools which were opened by the decree of the Council of Ministers.If both or either of the parents also have Turkish nationality (dual citizenship), their children are not accepted into those schools.

For instance a child, born to an American father and a Turkish mother, cannot be allowed to study in those schools. None of the parents should have Turkish citizenship.


Those schools can be opened by either the foreign national, natural or legal persons, or by partnership of Turkish citizens; within the frame of the law no 4875, Regulation for Implementation of Foreign Direct Investment, by the permission of the Council of Ministers.

Turkish citizen natural persons, legal people of private law or legal people who are governed by private law provisions can open international private education institutions on their behalf, with the same purpose.

The curriculums and education systemsof these schools are executed by the general procedures and principles set by both the institution and the Ministry of National Education.

The list of international schools is as follows:


1- Private International Community School

2- Private MEF International School

3- PrivateSarıyer British International School

4- Private İstanbul British International School

5- Private İstanbul Çamlıca Park International School

6- Private Kapı International School

7- Private Keystone International School


1- Oasis International School

2- Bilkent Laboratory International School (BLIS)


1- MEF International School

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